May 09, 2016

about deco

Well its been years i dream about having my house all in white. Well its time now ada kemampuan sikit untuk beli perabot. My my rented house now kinda full my dreams. Here i share some photos. ops just my cat. heheh

May 04, 2016

Being Honest


Well now i at my 30. Honestly, i feel a little to much damnnn old to this marriage thing. About start family. I honestly did not know how to settle this feeling. Hahaha. May God ease everything. Amin.

Kebaikan Brewer Yeast Untuk Kucing

Kite ada dua ekor kucing kat rumah. Oyen dan Baby.  Tengah berfikir nak bagi budak berdua tu brewer yeast sebab ada terbaca baik untuk kuli...