February 29, 2016

Wedding Plan

Wedding plan is never easy. And yet we just takk about date and arrangement. Semoga dipermudahkan.


February 24, 2016

So he proposed

We been really closed as friend since mid December last year. And last night he proposed.

Doakan yang baik.

Semoga dipermudahkan.

Amin ya rabbil a lamin.

February 23, 2016



I will sit on very comfy chair with coffee on my hand on my lawn,
Watching my kids playing barefood on v3ry soft grass ...... with my husband watching closely over them.

I b3lieve someday i will be that happy.

30 pretty soon, single and very singl3.

Kebaikan Brewer Yeast Untuk Kucing

Kite ada dua ekor kucing kat rumah. Oyen dan Baby.  Tengah berfikir nak bagi budak berdua tu brewer yeast sebab ada terbaca baik untuk kuli...