August 16, 2010

1 Year at SPMY Site Office ..sorry 1 Year plus +

me & dilla @ engineering office dibulan puasa gara2x si tools hook up yang gila

my meja @ hkh office....mengucap siap2x sgt berselerak

outstanding in the eye...contract

take a break. have a yogurt. yummy..yummy


Meja kat bilik baru

the view from door of a new room/smelly to

how i am will feel after 5.00pm

art kataku

other than rfp & contract i also hv to do this stupid thing. uploading rfp on spmy server. and normally doing at home; sometimes until 4.00 am

Contract Document & Contract Drawings

My meja kat melaka ....semakan my hobby

merenyut contract document in the making


senja kat site, view dari pintu site office/temfacil/temporary site facilities

From ime

Urmm ok begitulah

my lap top and mouse (mouse ni dah rosak)

cakap telipon dgn penuh

procurement team with dr mui..project manager..opss senior project manager

1 million save manhour view. sgt ramai org

Kalau tak silap this pic was taken masa ida last day with us , procurement

ni bulan puasa tahun lepas, but i have to stay back for Piping Packages; for tender la aka rfp

Me & Dave si perot besar...from spmy dr philiphines masa awal2x kt melaka time ni

me @ azura (kakak besar aka my senior)at our early stage kat melaka terchenta ini

August 13, 2010

My First Post

After long time create blog....
my first post...
see u then.....

Kebaikan Brewer Yeast Untuk Kucing

Kite ada dua ekor kucing kat rumah. Oyen dan Baby.  Tengah berfikir nak bagi budak berdua tu brewer yeast sebab ada terbaca baik untuk kuli...